Here's how to change your TV to connect to a new network. 

What you'll do is generate a QR code, to talk to your TV. Then you'll put in your new password at a website. To start:   

  1. Go to on your phone or laptop. You should see a black and white QR code. This will allow you to reset the TV so it can look and connect to a new WiFi network. 

2. Now turn off your TV. It's a quick touch to the power button. An orange light means the box is powering down.

3. Once the box is off (you won't see any lights on the box), wait a few seconds and then turn it back on. A blue moving light means the box is powering up. 

4. Be prepared for the camera feed, right after the boot sequence and then white Pluot logo. (The camera feed starts quickly after the Pluot logo!) Immediately, when the camera feed turns on, put the QR code right in front of the camera. Note: hold the QR code up so you can see the entire QR code on the TV screen. 

6.  As you hold the QR code up, look at the bottom right-hand screen of the TV.  Wait until it says "Please open"

7.  OK, you can stop holding the QR up to the camera.  Next step:  on a computer or laptop visit You'll be prompted to enter in the new network name and password. Just a reminder, the network name, and password are case and space sensitive. 

8. Once you enter the information, a new QR code will appear. 

9.  Place this new QR code in front of the camera. In the lower right corner of the TV, you'll see a message that says the box is connecting to the new network. 

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