• Daily.co TV includes both hardware and free, unlimited software. You're not limited to video calls on your TV. When you're out of office, or if you have remotes joining, they can join your link on a computer.  
  • How it works in 3 easy steps: Get a meeting link in your dashboard, Slack, or Google Calendar. To invite, just share your link. Then when you want to join the meeting, just click that link in Chrome. (On that join page, jardware customers can join on their TVs. Any remotes can join, free, on computer.)
  • Up to 50 people can be in a call, with video.
  • Every meeting link has free dial-in, 25+ countries. 
  • You get unlimited custom links. Each link is unique and never expires. You can reuse a link as much as you want. Or create as many links as you want. Up to you.
  • You can wirelessly present, without cables, anytime. You don't need to be in a video call to do a wireless presentation. 
  • Features include: free dial-in (unlimited), dual screen sharing, custom subdomain, unlimited custom links, locking, team dashboard, wireless presentation, and Slack and Google Calendar integrations. Coming soon: meeting recording.  

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