"Always-on" is a video portal between TVs. It's easy to set up with our hardware.  

  • Whenever an always-on Daily.co TV is on, it's in the video portal. The TV automatically joins the always-on portal room. 
  • Up to 3 devices can be in an open portal. (In contrast to the 50-device count, in standard calls.)
  • To set up a video portal, contact us. We change your Daily.co device settings on our backend. 
  • Once we create our portal, whenever you turn on your TV, it auto-joins the always-on. If your box is rebooted or gets disconnected from the network, it will auto-join your always-on meeting link once it’s back online.

How do teams use always-on video portals? 

  1. A popular use case is to set up a video portal between locations. For example, you have multiple offices and want to connect them, with a video portal. You have a live video stream between each office, so your team connects better. 
  2.  Another use case is to simplify meeting links. You set up your conference room TV to always join the same Daily.co link. Your team doesn’t need to create a meeting link for every meeting. (Please keep in mind you’ll want to share your meeting link with trusted invitees.)
  3. Similarly, always-on makes it easy to have multiple meeting rooms. You can assign each conference room its own meeting link. No more having to check the meeting link for the conference room you’re in. Each conference room is assigned a consistent meeting link, to cut out the confusion.

How does Daily.co TV always-on work?

  1. Order a Daily.co hardware system. 👉Up to 3 users can be in an open portal.
  2. Create a meeting link to be your always on portal address. Set it team or public, as explained in this help page here.  
  3. We then configure your boxes to join the portal link you selected 
  4. Plug in your TV. Don't click anything
  5. Once your TV boots, it auto-joins the portal. Again, don't click anything

Heads up: check out the 30 second buffer, to join another calls 👇

Can I join other meetings, if we get always-on?

Option 1, for folks who know how to create meetings fast:

  • Go to tv.daily.co in a browser
  • Enter the screen code shown on your TV. Now you control your TV 
  • Click exit call (in your browser)
  • You then have 30 seconds to create a new link, and join your meeting. 

Option 2: step-by-step

  • Create a new meeting link beforehand on your computer
  • When it’s time for your meeting, on your computer or phone, open your new meeting link in Chrome. 
  • Click on the purple button
  • You’ll need to enter a screen code. That’s in the lower right of your TV screen. This action tells your Daily.co TV you want to join this new meeting link.  
  • The TV exits the default always-on meeting and joins your new one.  

When you exit your meeting, your Daily.co box counts down 30 seconds, and then auto-joins its default, always-on meeting link.  

Email help@daily.co anytime. Chat with us M–F, 9am–5pm PST.

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