With always on, your TV automatically joins your portal link. When the TV is in the portal, the screen displays UI in the lower right. This UI lets you take the TV out of the portal and use it for another meeting.

You can ask us to hide this UI. Also, you also can show your logo – or any custom image – on the countdown screen. 

Customers opt to hide this UI for different reasons:

  • They feel the benefit of the portal is the big screen video feed. They don't want stuff other than video on the screen.
  • They also want the TV to be used for just the portal. They don't want teammates to use it for other meetings. 

What your TV typically shows

A key benefit of always on is its ease. Your TV just joins the portal, after a countdown. There's no typing or clicking. The portal simply reconnects, and reloads the portal. 

Once your TV is in the portal, it's like it's in any other meeting. 

  • In the lower right of your TV, there is a Control your TV box
  • With Control your TV, you can turn your computer or phone into a remote control. 
  • You "pair" your device with the TV, and then tell it to join another meeting, or start a wireless presentation. 

Control TV box, bottom right

This article explains how to pair, using that Control TV code. Basically, there's a 6-letter code shown (XKZ IFT in this example above). The user goes to tv.daily.co in Chrome, and types in the 6 letters on the TV. They then get a web page that lets them control the TV. 

Why change the display  

Many customers just want to see the video. And/or they want the TV to be used only for the portal. The goal of the TV is the portal. 

  • They don't want teammates to use the always on TV for other video calls. 
  • Also, your TV does what it's told to do. If a teammate tells the TV to join another meeting, and then forgets to exit that meeting, the TV is in that other call. Not the portal. 

To clarify, if your teammate exits their other call when done, the TV will rejoin your portal after 30 seconds. But if they happen to forget, your TV is left in that other call. Read Can I join other meetings? on this page

What you can change  

You can change 2 things: 

  • Ask us not to show the Control your TV box, once the TV is in the portal 
  • On the countdown page, you also can change the image beneath the loading bar. The default image is the Golden Gate bridge. 

Here's what a 2-location portal looks like without the UI. (Please note we currently still show the location count. In a few weeks, we also will hide this.)

Control TV box hidden from bottom right

Here's what the default countdown page looks like. It shows the Golden Gate Bridge.

Next steps 

We can apply these changes to any always on box. 

  • If you want to hide the Control Box, or change the bridge image, just email help@daily.co
  • The configuration is by box. So you can have your different systems configured differently. 

We're glad to sync, help@daily.co, thanks! 

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