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Quick tip: tell remotes on computers to use earbuds.

Just click a link 

The basic idea with Daily.co is you just click on a link to join a video call. 

Below, we list different ways to get a meeting link. Just click on your link, to join a video call. 

  • When anyone clicks a Daily.co meeting link, you'll see our join page. 
  • To join on a TV, click the purple button, for TV. Then enter the screen code on your TV. 
  • For your remote guests:  it's similar. Copy and send them the meeting link. They open the call link in Chrome. On the join page, they'll click the green button for computers, or the blue button for phone dial-in

Learn about joining on a TV here, joining on a computer here, and dial-in here

Where to get meeting links 

To give you flexibility, there are a few different ways to create meeting links. 

Learn more about custom room links here, and about our apps here.


  • Tell remote guests to use earbuds. This cuts down on echo.
  • Tell remote guests with poor Wifi to mute their cam. This preserves bandwidth for audio. 
  • Make sure your TV is connected via Ethernet. The TV hardware is different from computers.  
  • Chrome is like any other piece of software. It's better after a refresh. If your remotes are having problems, reload Chrome. As much as we hate to say it, some people have to fully quit and restart Chrome. Your browser simply gets tired after a while, and needs a reboot. 


We're here to help! Live chat, 9-5 PST (San Francisco), or email help@daily.co. 

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