You can set up your hardware in minutes. 

See the guide below. (Scroll below the image, for text instructions.)

  • Heads up - do not plug in the power cord first! The cam and speaker must be plugged in first. Don't worry if you powered on the device first. You'll just need to reboot. 
  1. Connect the box to your TV, with the blue cable.
    Want a 2-TV display? Connect a second TV screen to your box with the red cable.
  2. Connect the speaker/mic to your box. You can use the yellow cable, for extra length.
  3. Ethernet! Plug the box into Ethernet, with the Ethernet cable. Make sure you hear/feel the cable click. (No Wifi.)
  4. Plug in power. The box boots automatically
  5. Turn on your TV. Make sure you're on the right HDMI! 


  • Always-on boxes boot right into their video conferencing portal 
  • If you're not always on, you should see this: 

Next steps:

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