With our hardware, you can join calls on a TV, with quick clicks. 

  • Already have a meeting link? Click on the link, and follow the steps below. 
  • Don't have a meeting link? The TV can create one for you, and put you right into that call. Scroll down to the second section. 

I already have a meeting link 

  1. Click your Daily.co meeting link in Chrome. You can create links in your dashboard, Slack, Google Calendar, or Intercom
  2.  You'll see our join page
  3. Click Control a Daily.co TV, the purple button
  4. Enter the TV screen code. It's the 6-letter code up on your TV, in the bottom right

You'll now see your video call, up on the TV. Screen shots:

When you click the link, you'll see this join page.
Click the purple TV button

Up on your TV, in the lower right, is a 6-letter screen code. 

If the TV is not already in a call, you see this.
Screen code, bottom R

If your TV is already in a call – like an always on portal – your screen code in the lower right looks like:

Enter that TV screen code in your Chrome tab:

Done. Your TV will say Connecting to your meeting. Your call will be on your screen in a few seconds.


I do not have a meeting link yet 

No problem. You can walk up to the TV and it can create a link for you, on the fly. 

  1. In Chrome, go to https://tv.daily.co
  2. Enter the screen code that's up on your TV. It's the 6-letters, in the bottom right. 
  3. You'll see the controller page. Click Start a video call. (Heads up: you might have to click leave the call if the TV is already in a call.)

The TV creates a link, and puts you in it. You can click Copy link info, to share your meeting details. Screen shots:

You'll see this, at https://tv.daily.co:

Your TV shows a screen code. It's 6-letters in the bottom right. 

If your TV isn't in a call, here's what it looks like. 

If your TV is in a call, or always on, your screen code also is in the bottom right, like this:

Enter that screen code at tv.daily.co. Like this: 

Now, on your computer, you'll see a page that lets you control the TV. 

  • Click Start a video call. Top pic below 
  • Or, if your TV already is in a portal, or a video call, tell it to leave its current call. And then click Start a video call. 

The TV automatically creates a link, and joins it. You then can click Copy meeting info, to get details to share with other guests. 

👉 ALWAYS ON - remember to click Leave call, when you're done! You don't have to do anything else. Once you exit, your box loads the portal again. 

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