Daily.co, our software, is free on any computer or phone, for anyone, anywhere. We also make an affordable conference room solution, Daily.co TV.

Our goal is to make video conferencing as simple as possible. We felt that part of that is providing a new pricing model. Traditional video conferencing pricing – especially for conference rooms – is tough, in a few ways.

  • User fee & seat license details.  Whether you're using cloud/software meetings (for video calls on a computer), or conference room equipment, customers often have to buy "seats" or "licenses."
  • Conference rooms:  High upfront equipment costs.  To get started with a conference room system, you have to pay several hundred dollars, and often more, for the equipment that connects to your TV. An annual contract is required.

We offer 2 plans. First, Daily.co is free on computers. We also make Daily.co TV, which is our affordable, plug-n-play conference room equipment.

Daily.co: free, unlimited 1-click browser calls

  • No meeting time limits 
  • No sharing links. Create unlimited rooms.
  • You can start & join meetings free, anywhere, with anyone. Just use Chrome.
  • No user fees or seat licenses 
  • Create a free account, to get a custom subdomain. Or get free instant links in Google Calendar, Slack, or inside Intercom chats.
  • Where we charge is for conference room hardware.  

Daily.co TV:  Our conference room pricing, U.S.

Your Daily.co TV includes a (1) $150 one-time hardware fee, (2) $50 monthly service fee, and (3) free software for anywhere, anyone.

  • One-time hardware fee. You pay a one-time, non-refundable hardware fee: $150 for your first Daily.co TV kit. That drops to $50 for each additional kit. This fee is non-refundable after 60 days. (Cancel within your first 2 months, and we'll refund it.)
  • You keep the hardware as long as you're a monthly service customer.
  • Monthly service, no annual contract billing. It's $50/month for Daily.co TV. Cancel anytime.
  • If you cancel, we're sorry to see you go, but no problem. We have no interest in locking you in. To cancel your account, we require that you return your complete, undamaged equipment. (That equipment is something we subsidize for our paying service customers.)
  • We charge $500 for each unreturned, incomplete, or damaged system.
  • 60 day no risk return. If you cancel and return the equipment within 60 days, we refund everything.
  • Free software. By the way, your Daily.co TV service of course includes the free computer meetings. That means you can use Daily.co anywhere on the go (on a computer). And you can send anyone in the world a link to join you. (They don't need to be a Daily.co user, or be in your company.)

Daily.co TV:  Customers outside the U.S.

We're happy to ship outside the U.S. It's a little more involved, so please do email us, help@daily.co for more details. Our general policy:

  • One-time hardware fee of $150 for first system, $50 per additional system.
  • To ship overseas, we require an annual contract, $550/year/system. 
  • Customers also pay for shipping and duties. 
  • Customers who cancel within the 60 day return window must ship the hardware back, or purchase the system. 
  • For annual contract customers outside the US who choose not to renew, we send a return shipping label. 

Sample pricing for 2 boxes (U.S.)

Let's say you want to buy 2 systems, one each for your 2 conference rooms.

  • Hardware fee is $200. That's $150/first system and $50 for your second system. 
  • Your monthly fee is $100. That's $50/system x 2.
  • So your cost at checkout is $300. ($200 hardware fee, $100 fee for your first month)
  • If you cancel in 60 days, once you return both Daily.co hardware kits, we'll completely refund anything you've paid. 
  • After 60 days, you still can cancel anytime. We don't return your $200 hardware fee.

We based our pricing after talking to startups, SMBs, and distributed teams about what they needed to grow. We hope it makes sense, and are glad to answer any questions!

You can contact us anytime. Email help@daily.co.  Or click the chat button for live support.  Finally, you can simply sign up for a free trial of Daily.co TV hardware on our home page.  Thank you!

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