Thanks for learning more about our TV hardware system.

Please keep in mind our 4 requirements – and one heads up – before you make your order: 

  • 1920x1080 resolution. Use a TV or monitor that supports 1080p.
  • Chrome browser. Anyone joining your call on a computer must use Chrome. (We also have dial-in, for phones.) Also, to wirelessly present to your TV, you need to use Chrome. In a few weeks, we are adding Safari/Edge/Firefox for smaller calls, with 4 or fewer participants.
  • Ethernet. Please plug your box into Ethernet. We cannot guarantee quality with Wifi! While Wifi is available as a backup, our data strongly indicates your call quality will suffer, even on great Wifi. Please email for more info.
  • Return policy. No problem if you need to cancel. For systems ordered before Oct 2018, you must return the hardware to cancel your billing. For customer who bought their hardware (orders placed after Oct 2018), we do offer a refund option. Learn more about cancellation and refunds here.
  • Heads up: Are you in a coworking space, behind a captive portal, or behind a firewall? Your IT/network admin may need to whitelist the MAC address of the device. Read this. In offices with a network admin, it's typical for IT to need to authorize a new device that wants network access.
  • Heads up: If you are interested in always on, always on links are limited to only 4 locations. (In contrast, standard calls can include up to 50 locations.)

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