Daily.co is 1-click video calls – it's simple and fast, with the most 1-click features. It's free to start and join calls on any computer or phone. There are no seat fees or time fees. 

  • 1.0 Why use Daily.co & how it's free  
  • 2.0 Free features 
  • 3.0 Paid features
  • 4.0 How it works 
  • 5.0 More 

1.0 Why use Daily.co & how it's free 

Our customers prefer Daily.co for its 1-click simplicity and clean design. No download hassles for your guests, and they don't need to create an account. Our unlimited custom links also are popular. Teams can set up in seconds, avoid shared logins or software downloads, and scale with zero overhead. 

Daily.co is our free product. We have 2 paid products – an API, to add 1-click, instant video calls to any product. Also, we ship a dedicated hardware system for TV calls and always-on, which is easy for anyone to set up in minutes.

2.0 Free features

Your features depend on your browser. Click here, to see a table of features by browser. We also explain why Chrome has more features: https://daily.co/browsers  

3.0 Paid features 

4.0 How it works in 3 easy steps: 

  1. Get a meeting link in your dashboard, or our apps for Slack, Google Calendar or Intercom 
  2. To invite, just share your link
  3. To join, click the meeting link and choose computer, phone or TV 

See Get started for screen shots and more tips

5.0 More 

  • Each link is unique and never expires. You can reuse a link as much as you want 
  • Calls with 4 or fewer are peer-to-peer. Here's more about privacy and bandwidth.  

Can we help? Ping us on chat, or email help@daily.co. We enjoy hearing from users, and love feedback. Cheers!

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