👉 Important update

Our Daily.co TV service is ending October 31, 2020. All billing has been suspended.

Our Daily.co team is now focused on our API, to help developers build new video calling apps. Please read the blog post to learn more! Thank you, to all our TV customers.


Thanks for setting up our Daily.co TV hardware system! Please keep in mind our requirements – and in section 2.0, some tips.

1.0 Requirements

  • Ethernet. The system must be plugged into Ethernet ⚡️

  • 1920x1080 resolution. Use a TV or monitor that supports 1080p.

  • Chrome browser for larger calls and features like recording. You now can join calls of 4 or fewer on Firefox and Safari. Edge is for 1:1 calls. Please keep in mind Chrome supports more features like larger calls and recording. Learn more about browsers.

2.0 Heads up

  • Firewalls, coworking spaces:  Are you in a coworking space, behind a captive portal, or behind a firewall? Your IT/network admin may need to whitelist the MAC address of the device. Read this

  • TV models. We're often asked what models work best with Daily.co. Email help@daily.co for details. In general, all contemporary models tested in the past three years have performed well with Daily.co hardware. Sceptre, LG and TCL offer good value for under $500. Samsung and Sony also work well. 

  • TV screen size. In a smaller huddle-type room for 3-5 people, a 37"-40" works well. Once you get up to an 8-10 person room, 50"-60" works better. Keep in mind you can plug your system into a 2-screen setup. If you screen share often, it's great to see video feeds on one screen and screen shares on the other. 

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Need more help? Email help@daily.co anytime. Chat with us M–F, 9am–5pm PST.

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