Your TV order is everything you need for video calls & wireless presentations on your TV. 

  • 1.0  Complete system parts 
  • 2.0 Speaker and cam requirements, and purchase

1.0 Complete system parts 

The complete system ($600/system) includes:

  • hardware device - connects to TV with HDMI cable 
  • HD cam - connects to box with USB cable 
  • External speaker/mic - connects to box with USB cable
  • All the cables you need to set up - HDMI cable, USB extension cable, MiniDisplay port cable (for a 2-TV setup), Ethernet cable 

2.0 Speaker and cam requirements, and purchase 

  • Webcam.  Please note you can plug any webcam into the device. You are not required to use the Logitech c930e that's included in the system. Other cameras we specifically support include the Logitech PTZ Pro and the Owl 360. 
  • Speaker.  You must use one of the following speakers with the system:  Jabra 410, Jabra 810, or Owl. To clarify, you don't have to purchase it from us, but the system only works with these models
  • You can simply order the device from us ($500/device). In that case, you are responsible for ordering the webcam, speaker, and cables. 

To learn how the parts connect, and the equipment plugs into a TV, click here.

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