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We've ended our basic calls product. Service for our current basic call users ends June 22, 2020.


To invite someone, copy and share your Daily.co meeting link. 

Guests just click your meeting link to join. Anyone, on a computer anywhere, can join your call. Guests don't need to download, or create an account. Up to 50 people can join a meeting. We recommend 6-8 cams on at one time — it depends on users' network quality. 

What's my meeting link look like

Find your link, in a video call

If you're already in your Daily.co video call, your meeting link is shown on your computer screen: 

  • The meeting link is in the address bar of your browser. That's just at the top of your Chrome window.
  • Or, in the bottom bar of your call, just click the green Invite button. This copies your call info to your clipboard, to send to a guest. 

From your Daily.co dashboard

Your dashboard shows all your meeting links.

You quickly can copy just the meeting link itself (no dial-in details)

  • Click the Copy link to invite. It's right under the meeting link. 
  • This doesn't copy dial-in. It's just the meeting link, so you can paste the link quickly into Chrome.

To copy the full link info, including dial-in:

  • Click on the triple dots, to the far right of a meeting link
  • Another option: just hover over the room link bar. Settings & Upgrade pop up, to the far right. Click Settings & Upgrades
  • Click the green Copy info to clipboard button 
  • The meeting info is on your clipboard. Paste into any invite. 


  • To join, open the link. No downloads.
  • Remember, you can make your room public, locked, or team-only. If your room is locked, keep in mind your guests must knock. You'll have to approve their entry. Learn about locking here.

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