We apologize: Chrome has an audio bug. Other people can't hear you....and you've checked you aren't muted and your volume is up. It's likely you've been hit by the Chrome audio bug.

Quick Fix

  • The person who can't be heard needs to fully quit Chrome, and rejoin the meeting.
  • Important! Don't just close the tab, or close Chrome. The person who can't be heard needs to completely quit Chrome and rejoin.

The person who is talking, yet can't be heard, may have seen this blue overlay:

More on the Chrome audio bug  

  • The Chrome audio bug affects users who have joined from a computer.
  • The person with the audio bug can't be heard. (That person can hear others. But no one can hear them when they talk.)
  • Sometimes, Chrome gets overloaded and stops accepting audio input. We typically see this happen when too many tabs are open, or Chrome hasn't been restarted in a while.
  • We are sorry. It affects any platform that uses Chrome's audio input. (Google is aware of this bug.)

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