A room owner controls a room's privacy settings

  • Public. Anyone can join your video call 
  • Team. Anyone on your Daily.co team may enter without knocking. Non-members must knock and a team member must approve them to enter. See how to invite your team
  • Private. Every guest has to "knock," and the room owner to approve their joining the call. 

Only a room owner can change a room's settings. 

  • In your dashboard, find the room you want
  • Hover over the triple dots, in the far right of the room row
  • Click Settings & Upgrades. You'll only see this if you're the room owner. If you don't Settings & Upgrades, you're not the room owner and can't change the privacy settings. 
  • You're taken to the room settings page, where you control recordings, privacy and more. 
  • Click the first tab to the left, Settings  
  • Click Public, Team, or Private
  • You don't need to click save. To exit, click the x  in the upper right. See pic below. 


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