Dual screen sharing is  part of every call. Daily.co lets up to 2 people simultaneously share:

  • Use Chrome to screen share
  • If you're on Firefox, Safari or Edge, you can see other people's screen shares. But you can't screen share yourself. Use Chrome to share yourself. 
  • 2 different people can screen share at the same time
  • Click Share in the bottom left of your screen.
  • Great! A popup appears. Select if you want to share your Entire Screen or a specific Application Window. 
  • To share a slide deck or play a presentation, share your Entire Screen. 
  • Troubleshoot: If you still can't share, refresh Chrome.
    Tip: if you have multiple monitors, entire desktop lets you pick which screen. 

You can end the screen sharing session in several ways: 

  • The Stop button in the lower left.
  • The Stop sharing button in the top right.
  • The blue Stop sharing button in the popup the Chrome browser creates.

Tip: The Chrome popup can be repositioned anywhere on your screen — giving you quick access to end your screen share.

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