Daily.co is our free software. Anyone can use Daily.co for free.

If you're a hardware customer, Daily.co is included in any Daily.co TV order. (Previously, our hardware was known as Pluot TV. It's now called Daily.co TV.) You get the benefits of Daily.co, as well as your TV upgrade. 

What is Daily.co?

Daily.co is our free software. It's 1-click video calling, on your own subdomain. Like https://your-name.daily.co.

  • No downloads
  • No seat fees
  • Unlimited meeting rooms  
  • Other free features include dial-in, recording, dual screen shares, and more 

Daily.co URLs vs old Pluot links 

As our longtime customers know, Pluot links look like this:  https://meet.pluot.co/a?m_=QFWJISRBUPOD

  • Pluot links were a string of letters

With Daily.co, you now have 2 choices: 

  • Custom links — Here's the big change. You now can customize your video call links. (No more random letters!) Like https://your-name.daily.co/standup
  • Instant links — This is a lot like the old Pluot links. We create a random, unique link for you. They're more fun now, on Daily.co, and named after food 😀 For now, Daily.co links in Slack and Google Calendar are instant links.

Daily.co meetings remain no download! Your guests don't need a Daily.co account to join your meetings. Just click on a link to join - no account needed to join. 

Pluot link support 

  • Your Pluot links will continue to work.  For the foreseeable future, you will be able to join a Pluot meeting link.
  • We will be phasing out creating new Pluot links over the next few weeks.

How it works 

  • Sign up and choose your custom link at our new site, daily.co.
  • Order a Daily.co TV, so you can see your custom video calls on a TV.
  • If you have a Daily.co TV, just click on a Daily.co meeting link - you'll then see the usual join page!
  • Always-on links remain, for now, Pluot links. We will update you shortly. 

What to do to get a Daily.co URL

  • Sign up now, and get a URL you like, daily.co.

Learn More 

Need more help? Email help@daily.co anytime. Chat with us M–F, 9am–5pm PST.

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