You can invite others to your team. They will then be able to create meeting rooms on your teams subdomain. If you do not know who your team administrator is please contact us

  1. Log in to your dashboard
  2. Click on Members in the left panel of your dashboard
  3. Click Add member, and share with teammates
  4. Click Copy team link to clipboard
  5. Share the link with your teammates (anyone with this link can join your team)

Members must create a free account in order to join your team. If your teammate already has an account they will also be added to your team after opening your invite link.

Administrators vs. members

  • A team admin can see members and manage/remove them. They can also can see all of the rooms that members create. 
  • Members can only see rooms that they have created. 
  • Only a room owner (whoever created the room) can start a recording.


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