Our team is distributed, so we use Daily.co ourselves all the time. Daily.co reflects what we wanted in video calls – something really easy with important features. Calls start in seconds. 

Here are a few things that set Daily.co apart:

  • More browser support. We now support 50-person calls in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and mobile. Plus Edge for 1:1 calls. Learn more
  • Clean, uncluttered design
  • Unlimited free meeting rooms 
  • Room names, like https://you.daily.co/standup or you.daily.co/demo 
  • No seat fees  
  • 3-hour free meetings 
  • No downloads
  • Teams, including team-only locking

What's also unique - the below features require Chrome:

  • Recording
  • Dual screen sharing
  • See video and screen shares at the same time
  • Learn about browser support here 

Try Daily.co – just sign up for free

How can we help? Email help@daily.co anytime. Chat with us M–F, 9am–5pm PST.

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