You have a choice. You can create custom links or instant links, with

  • Both are free and unlimited. Custom links have more features.
  • Your guests always just click to join. No login, no download for someone joining any link, custom or instant!

What's a custom link?

Set up a URL, and name your rooms with custom links.

  • Lock rooms, and make them team-only.
  • Sign up and get your URL at our site, You can start naming & locking rooms in your dashboard, easily.

Again, your guests don't need an account to click on your custom link! You need an account to name and keep your custom link. We need to know who you are! 😜

What's an instant link?

We also have an "instant" version of links, if you don't need the additional features.

Need more help? Email anytime. Chat with us M–F, 9am–5pm PST.

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