You're not limited to the Logitech camera we ship with the TV system. You are able to use any USB-enabled webcam. However, there are a few additional camera options that we specifically support. 

  • The Meeting Owl. The Meeting Owl uses a 360° lens to show the whole room and automatically focuses on people as they speak.
  • Logitech PTZ Pro 2. Includes a hand-held remote that allows you to pan, tilt, and zoom. The camera can also be operated from a remote location with downloadable software.

The Meeting Owl

Some things to note about using the Meeting Owl with the TV:

  • Unplug other USB devices
    The Meeting Owl is a camera and microphone/speaker — be sure you unplug both the Logitech camera and the Jabra speaker/microphone. The Meeting Owl is the only device you will need to plug in to the TV.
  • Power supply
    The Meeting Owl has its own power supply — you'll need an additional power outlet to plug the Meeting Owl in to.
  • Booting up troubleshooting
    The Meeting Owl boots about 5 seconds slower than the TV — plug the Meeting Owl in first. Or if you have the Meeting Owl and TV on a power strip and they power up simultaneously, simply reboot your TV after about 5 seconds. The TV will look for a camera during the boot sequence and won't see the Meeting Owl; you will be asked to restart the TV.

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