A computer user can record a Daily.co meeting. 

  • 1.0 Quick info 
  • 2.0 How to record to the cloud
  • 3.0 See all recordings
  • 4.0 See recordings by room 
  • 5.0 Share recordings

1.0 What's a cloud recording 

Cloud recording makes storing and sharing your files easy. It's like other services, like Google Drive, OneDrive, or Box, where you keep files in a cloud server. 

  • A computer participant has to start and stop the recording. 
  • Though a TV user can't start the recording, the video and audio from the TV is recorded. 
  • All video and audio is recorded, including TV streams, dial-in audio and screen shares. A cloud recording is stored and backed up to our servers. (Unlike a local recording, which is only stored on your computer.) 
  • The recordings are found in your Daily.co dashboard. 
  • Free now. Later this year, cloud recording is a paid upgrade. (Local recordings remain free.)
  • Each cloud recording is capped at a 3 hour time limit. You get an unlimited number of cloud recordings 

2.0 How to record to the cloud 

A computer participant has to start the recording. All video and audio is recorded. 

  • In a video call, click the RECORD button, bottom left 
  • The cloud recording option is a text link — below the red button. Click that text link:  Or record to the cloud 

You'll see a notification that your recording is starting after a 5-second countdown. (Other participants in your meeting will be notified that a recording is starting and then also see a recording banner in the call itself.) 

Stop recording

  • Click the Stop recording button in the banner at the bottom of your screen. 
  • This immediately stops your recording. You cannot start a new recording until your previous recording has finished uploading to the cloud.

After your recording has stopped it will finish uploading to the cloud. After uploading, your recording will be available to view in your dashboard.

3.0 See all recordings 

4.0 See recordings by room  

5.0 Share a recording

  • Click Copy share link, and simply send the link. Your recipient just click the link, to view the recording in a browser. 

How can we help? Live chat with us 9 am - 5 pm PST or email help@daily.co. We're glad to talk! 

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