NEW:  We're glad to announce more browser support for larger calls. Users on Chrome, Firefox, Safari and mobile can join calls with up to 50. (Just remember to mute cams to help bandwidth.)

Welcome! Thanks for your time - we'd be glad to have you as a user, and hear your feedback and requests 

  • 1.0 Get an account or integration 
  • 2.0 Start a call 
  • 3.0 Features
  • 4.0 Mute so you join future calls muted 
  • 5.0 Screen sharing extension 
  • 6.0 Set up your team 
  • 7.0 Tips  

1.0 Get a account or integration  

Or you can use one of our apps – Slack, Google Calendar or Intercom. These are instant links, not custom.

2.0 Start a call, in 3 easy steps 

1. Get a meeting link

2. To invite someone, just copy and share your meeting link.
3.  To join, click the link. Use Chrome for the most features. 

You'll see a join page. Click and choose how you want to join – on a computer; on a phone with video; on a phone with just audio dial-in; or a TV system. 

Below is the join page you see, when you click a link. (Or see the help article on the join page.)

3.0 What features can I use? 

  • Unlimited fully custom links, like; dual screen sharing; recording; large call support; and more 
  • Use Chrome to get the most features. See a feature list by browsers at 
  • Up to 50 people can join a call, on Chrome, Firefox, Safari or mobile. We recommend only 6-8 cams on at any time, because of network quality! 

4.0 Be smart and use mute  

  • Muting cams save bandwidth. 
  • Use Shh mode, to mute all. Individuals then can unmute themselves. Learn more.  
  • Join calls muted. We remember your mute settings from your last calls. So if you want to join a call with your cam muted, do a test call and mute your cam. Then, on you next call, when you join your cam is already muted.

5.0 Get the apps 

  • Create instant free links in Slack, Google Calendar, or Intercom  

6.0 Set up a team 

Invite your team to your subdomain, so they create meeting room links on your company URL. Since you get unlimited links, there's no more sharing logins or dealing with seat fees. 

7.0 Tips  

  • Poor audio or video quality? Mute your cam. This preserves bandwidth for audio, so you hear better. 
  • Use earbuds
  • Reload your Chrome tab. If that doesn't do it, fully quit and reopen. We hate to say it - but Chrome's like other software. It can get tired. 
  • Do you use an adblocker? Please try joining in an Incognito window, or a Chrome persona without ad blockers. 


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