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  • 1.0 Sign up for free
  • 2.0 Start a call, in 3 easy steps
  • 3.0 Call features
  • 4.0 App Integrations
  • 5.0 Set up your team 
  • 6.0 Tips

1.0 Sign up for free

Click here and sign up free. After signing up, you can create own custom video call links. For example https://you.daily.co/standup or https://you.daily.co/hello

Or you can use one of our app integrations to create video calls in: Slack, Google Calendar or Intercom.

2.0 Start a call, in 3 easy steps 

  1. Visit your dashboard to create a room (meeting link). Learn how to create a room.
  2. Share your room link with someone to invite them. 
  3. To join the video call, click the link. Use Chrome for the most features. 
  4. Click and choose how you want to join – on a computer, smartphone or table; by dialing-in, on a phone; or with a Daily.co TV. 

3.0 Features

Use Chrome to get the most features. We support all of the major browsers, learn more, about our browser support. 

Up to 50 people can join a call, on Chrome, Firefox, Safari or mobile. We recommend only 6–8 cams on at any time, for the best network quality! To see a full list of our features, visit this page.

4.0 App integrations

We have integrations with the following apps. Use them to create instant video links directly in Slack, Google Calendar and Intercom Messenger.

6.0 Invite your team 

Invite your colleagues to your Daily.co team! Once invited, they can create meeting room links on your subdomain. All accounts/teams come with unlimited rooms. There's no need to share logins or deal with seat fees. 

7.0 Other tips

  • Poor audio or video quality? Mute your camera.
  • Bad connection? Try reloading your Chrome tab. If that doesn't help, quit and restart Chrome.
  • Try joining in an Incognito window.
  • Disable extensions. Sometimes extensions can block camera or microphone access.
  • Use Shh mode, to mute all. Individuals then can unmute themselves.  
  • Join calls muted. We remember the camera and mic settings from your last call. If you want to join a call with your camera off, do a test call and mute your camera. The next time you join a call, your camera will be turned off.
  • Learn more about peer-to-peer and bandwidth info
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