Please set up a custom meeting link, to use as your portal link.

This is the meeting link your TV autojoins when you plug it in. Like  or /team , or whatever you prefer. 

  1. Sign up or log in at  
  2. Name your subdomain, the you  in 
  3. Then create a specific meeting room 
  4. Confirm your room link is public or team-only. (Not private!)
  5. Send us this link   

We'll then configure your hardware boxes, to join your always on portal when they boot. 👉Important: please keep in mind only 4 locations can stream an always-on link constantly, unless you have spoken with us. 


  • A team link means only team members can join. Use this team setting to "lock" your always-on portal, for privacy. We make your hardware device a member of your domain team, so it can enter your team-only link. 
  • Always on links can't be private because boxes can't knock manually. On our backend, we can configure your box as a team member instead. This limits your portal to authorized teammates. The public cannot access a team only link. 

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