👉 Important update

Our Daily.co TV service is ending October 31, 2020. All billing has been suspended.

Our Daily.co team is now focused on our API, to help developers build new video calling apps. Please read the blog post to learn more! Thank you, to all our TV customers.


Please set up a custom Daily.co meeting link, to use as your portal link.

This is the meeting link your TV autojoins when you plug it in. Like you.daily.co/portal  or /team , or whatever you prefer. 

  1. Sign up or log in at https://dashboard.daily.co  
  2. Name your subdomain, the you  in https://you.daily.co 
  3. Then create a specific meeting room 
  4. Confirm your room link is public or team-only. (Not private!)
  5. Send us this link   

We'll then configure your hardware boxes, to join your always on portal when they boot. 👉Important: please keep in mind only 4 locations can stream an always-on link constantly, unless you have spoken with us. 


  • A team link means only team members can join. Use this team setting to "lock" your always-on portal, for privacy. We make your hardware device a member of your domain team, so it can enter your team-only link. 
  • Always on links can't be private because boxes can't knock manually. On our backend, we can configure your box as a team member instead. This limits your portal to authorized teammates. The public cannot access a team only link. 

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Email help@daily.co or chat with us, 9 am - 5 pm PST in San Francisco.

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