👉 Important update

Our Daily.co TV service is ending October 31, 2020. All billing has been suspended.

Our Daily.co team is now focused on our API, to help developers build new video calling apps. Please read the blog post to learn more! Thank you, to all our TV customers.


👉 Quick tip: tell remotes on computers to use earbuds. It cuts down on echo. 

👋  Daily.co TV is easy. You can walk up to a TV, and start calls in seconds. The basic idea is you click a link — that's it. 

  • 1.0  Set up 
  • 2.0 Standby screen 
  • 3.0 Put your own image on the standby screen  
  • 4.0 TV screen code: how to control the TV
  • 5.0 Create meeting links 
  • 6.0 Join meetings, on computer, mobile, or Daily.co TV    
  • 7.0 Tips
  • 8.0 Features 

1.0 Set up 

If you haven't already, it's pretty fast to set up your TV. See the Set Up Guide here. (There also was one in your package.) 

2.0 Standby screen & your logo  

Do you have always-on? Then your TV goes straight into your always-on streaming link. Learn about always-on here 

If your system isn't always-on, your TV shows the standby screen. It means the TV is ready to go. 

  • Follow the standby screen directions, to put the TV into a fast instant meeting 
  • 👉 Want to join a custom meeting link, on your TV? See 5.0 below. Those are links you name, like you.daily.co/demo  

3.0  Put your logo on the standby screen 

The standby screen shows a bridge image (see above). You can replace the bridge image with your own logo or artwork.

4.0  How to remote control the TV, with the screen code

 In the lower right corner of the TV, you'll see the TV screen code. It's 6-letters. Use it to turn your computer or phone into the remote control, for the Daily.co TV system.

5.0 Create meeting links 

Many customers want to test joining a meeting. The first step is to get a meeting link.  

Or the TV can give you a link: 

  • Walk up to a TV.  The TV quickly can create a meeting link for you, no login required. This means you always can just  See section 2 on this page
  • Auto-join always-on. We can set up your TV so it automatically joins a designated link. So you don't have to type or click. The TV is already in a meeting. See here

6.0  Join your meeting link 

Now just share your meeting link, to invite others. Clicks the link to join. 

On the join page, you choose how you're joining:  on a Daily.co TV, or if you're remote on a computer or phone. 

See the below help pages. They show screen shots of what TV and remote users do on the join page: 

7.0 Tips

  • Tell remote guests to use earbuds. This cuts down on echo.
  • Tell remote guests with poor Wifi to mute their cam. This preserves bandwidth for audio. 
  • Make sure your TV is connected via Ethernet. The TV hardware is different from computers.  
  • Your browser is like any other piece of software. It's better after a refresh. If your remotes are having problems, reload the browser. As much as we hate to say it, some people have to fully quit and restart your browser. Your browser simply gets tired after a while, and needs a reboot. 

Here are the top TV tips: 

  • TV problems? Unplug the power. Wait 5 seconds. Plug it back in. That solves 99% of the problems. 
  • Check you're on the right HDMI! 

8.0 Features  

We're here to help! Chat, 9-5 Pacific Time (San Francisco), or email help@daily.co. We're always glad to do an onboarding call, too. 

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