👉 Important update

We've ended our basic calls product. Service for our current basic call users ends June 22, 2020.


In any Daily.co meeting, you can chat with other participants and see the participant list. Some top level bullet points:

  • Open chat and the participant list by clicking on Chat at the bottom of your screen while in a call
  • Chats are fully encrypted 
  • You can download a copy of your chat history as a text file 
  • Click Participant list to see a list of everyone in the call 
  • Pro tip! You can change your name via the Participant list menu 


  • Close a chat by clicking the close (x) icon. Or click the chat icon again
  • If you have the chat pane closed, a red notification appears on the chat icon, to let you know when someone has posted a new message
  • Clicking on a link shared in a chat opens in a new tab
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