Large calls have a lot going on. Some quick tips:

  • Chrome often is the best experience.

  • Make sure to allow your camera and mic to join your call. Learn how to unblock.

  • Only have 6 cams on at any time. Learn more.

  • Refresh your browser.  
    Before a big call, if you can, refresh (or, better, restart) your browser. If people have issues, it's often that the browser hasn't been refreshed in a while. It's like any piece of software. It gets overloaded.

  • Use earbuds
    Otherwise, you sound bad to others. Echo is a problem. Earbuds isolate your audio input, so it doesn't echo.

  • Use Shh! mode & mute all cams
    Keep in mind you got a lot of video streaming! Also, you may have weird background noise
    Typically in large calls, the presenter clicks Shh! mode to mute all. (Shh is in the More menu, when you're in the call.) Guests can unmute cam/mic to speak up. 


The video call is in your browser, so you might have to refresh or reopen your browser. 

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