Large calls have a lot going on. Some quick tips:

  • Up to 50 people can join a call, with 6 cams on at once 
  • You can mute all cams with Shh mode. Whoever's talking can unmute individually. 
  • Use earbuds, mute all, and please get Chrome ready (see below)
  • Use chat, to post text and links
  • Some users may have to unblock their cam

👉 Improve your call 

  • Chrome often is the best experience.
  • Prep your browser. Refresh.  
    Before a big call, if you can, refresh (or, better, restart) your browser. If people have issues, it's often that the browser hasn't been refreshed in a while. It's like any piece of software. It gets tired. 
  • Use earbuds
    Otherwise, you sound bad to others. Echo is a problem. Earbuds isolate your audio input. 
  • Use Shhh mode & mute all cams
    Keep in mind you got a lot of video streaming! Also, you may have weird background noise 😢
    Typically in large calls, the presenter clicks Shh mode to mute all. (Shh is in the More menu, when you're in the call.) Guests can unmute cam/mic to speak up. 


  • Do you use an adblocker? Please try joining in an Incognito window, or with a Chrome persona without blockers. 
  • Refresh your tab. No luck? We hate to say it, but please fully quit and reopen your browser.
  • Unblock your video. Follow these steps
  • On a Windows device, and your menu says "No mic, no cam" ? Reboot. 

Screen shots 

  • To join on a computer, click your link. Then click the green button: 
  • You can mute, unmute, and chat, all in the bottom bar. 
  • Shh mode - click More
  • Change your cam/mic - click More 

How can we help? You can use chat on our site, or email Thanks!

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