Always-on customers can hide specific things on their TV. This is often useful for customers who want their TV used only for the streaming portal.  

  • 1.0 What your TV typically shows, and what the Get Started and Control TV boxes do
  • 2.0 Hide the Control TV box, meeting link, and your local feed 
  • 3.0 Display your logo during loading 

1.0  What your TV typically shows

Your always-on TV shows some UI to let you control the TV, as well as the meeting link. You can opt to hide this Control TV box and the meeting link, and also put your own logo on the loading screen.

Here's what you see on your always-on TV, to start: 

  1. The loading screen is what the TV shows before it joins the portal. It displays a countdown in a yellow Loading banner, and also a picture of a bridge. 
  2. Also on the loading screen, the TV shows the Control your TV box in the lower right. 
  3. In the call, once the TV's joined the portal stream, the TV displays two things:  the meeting link and also the Control your TV box. 
  4. In the call, you also see your own video feed in the lower left (so you know what others can see).  

Loading screen, showing TV code in lower right

In the always-on, showing the link and Control TV box, bottom right

  • By default, we show the meeting link, so you know what link the TV has joined
  • Controlling your TV. The screen code, shown during loading and also in-call, lets you control the TV. This is the 6-letter code in the Control your TV and Get Started boxes in lower right.   
  • Using that 6-letter ALL CAP screen code, you "pair" your device with the TV, and then tell it to join another meeting, or start a wireless presentation. This article explains how.

2.0  Hide Control TV and meeting link

You can change 4 things: 

  1. On the loading page, replace the bridge with your own logo. 
  2. On the loading page, don't show the Get Started and Control TV boxes. (This means the TV can't join other calls or screen share. It only shows your always-on.)
  3. In-call, don't show the meeting link and Control TV box.
  4. NEW:  In-call, don't show your own video feed in the lower left. 

Example of #3, where a customer opted to hide the meeting link and Control TV box when the TV's in the portal stream: 

3.0  Display logo during loading (instead of bridge) 

Below again is what the default countdown page looks like. It shows the Golden Gate Bridge.

Next steps 

We can apply these changes to any always on box. 

  • If you want to hide the Control Box, or change the bridge image, just email
  • The configuration is by box. So you can have your different systems configured differently. 

We're glad to touch base. Chat with us, or email, thanks! 

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