Apologies: once a dial-in participant joins, you may need to unblock your cam/mic. We've reported this problem to our dial-in provider. We are really sorry. 

You'll see the error message below. 

Unblock instructions, by browser / OS 

Change your camera and mic settings – 

  1. Change it at your browser level preferences 
  2. If that doesn't work, check your OS settings
  3. Rejoin the call 


  • In a call, look at the address bar. The camera icon will show an X. 
  • Click the icon 
  • Click Always allow
  • Exit and rejoin the call 
  • If rejoining doesn't work, fully quite Chrome and rejoin 

Mac OS - Mojave 

 If you have Mojave, in particular, you have to change the operating system settings, too 

  • Click Apple menu > System Preferences > Security and Privacy 
  • Click Camera > Select ALLOW for your browser
  • Click Microphone > Select ALLOW for your browser 

Windows OS 

If you're still having problems, after allowing Chrome: 

  • Reboot 
  • Check for Windows system updates

Thanks for your time. 

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