Video calls require good bandwidth, which is why our standard policy is to require Ethernet. However, if you've discussed your needs with us, and understand Wifi often is tied to poor video quality and and possible dropped connections, you're welcome to test. 

Please keep in mind if you experience poor calls, it's not the hardware, but a bandwidth issue. Ethernet then is strongly recommended. 

  • To connect the hardware to your Wifi, you'll generate a QR code, to transmit your Wifi login to your system.
  1. Your hardware system needs to be set up (to the TV, camera and microphone), but not yet powered on. Don't yet plug in the device power cord. 
  2. On a phone or laptop, go to
  3. Enter the network name and password — CASE SENSITIVE. Click the green Continue button 

4. If you've correctly entered the network name and password, you should see a QR code, like the one below. 

5.  Now with the QR code ready, plug in the device power cord. After the black/white boot messages, the TV screen goes blue.
6.  Once the TV screen goes blue, quickly hold up the QR code up to camera, about 6" away from the camera. The QR code should take up most of the TV. 

7.  You'll see the TV say "No Ethernet detected." Just wait it out. The system then will start scanning the QR code. It should connect in about 10-20 seconds. 

Issues? You may need to adjust when you hold up the QR code, or how far/close it is to the camera. Unplug your device, and try again. 

Or ping us for help. Website chat, 9-5 PST, or email   Cheers!

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