Daily.co has some of the best call support for different browsers: 

✳️  Free browser calls:  up to 50 people on can join a large call. Your guests can use Chrome, Firefox, Safari or mobile to join large calls. (Not Edge, which only is 1:1 calls.)

✳️  API support:  up to 200 people can join on Chrome, Firefox, Safari or mobile. (Edge is only 1:1.)  You have to be on a paid API plan for the 200-person support.

👉 Be smart about muting cams! 

  • This means you can have up to 50 people click and join your meeting. In the call, ask people to mute cams. (Or use Mute All mode, under Settings.) 
  • That's because video takes up a lot of bandwidth. Networks at coffee houses, coworking spaces, and other group spaces can't always handle that demand. Even places with great Wifi can have a tough time if, for example, someone is sitting too far away from the router! Learn how to mute everyone's cam here. 

☑️  Edge can be used to join 1:1 calls. 

We're glad to help! Click chat or email help@daily.co 

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