Daily.co supports large calls in Chrome: 

  • Up to 50 people on Chrome can join a large call. We strongly recommend only having 6 cams on at a time. 
  • This means you can have up to 50 people click and join your meeting. In the call, ask people to mute cams. (Or use Mute All mode, under Settings.) That's because video takes up a lot of bandwidth. Networks at coffee houses, coworking spaces, and other group spaces can't always handle that demad. Even places with great Wifi can have a tough time if, for example, someone is sitting too far away from the router! Learn how to mute everyone's cam here. (Individuals can unmute.) 

For smaller group chats, you can use Safari and Firefox: 

  • Safari, Firefox, iOS Safari and Android Chrome can be used to join calls with 4 or fewer participants. 
  • Edge can be used to join 1:1 calls. 

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