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No matter how large your call is, only turn on 6–8 cameras at any given time.

Maximum number of participants

This depends on the product you're using. 

Other points

Key links & info 

  • Use Shh mode in free basic calls, to mute others
  • Developer docs on large calls & webinars
  • Our free basic calls are like Skype, Hangouts, Zoom, etc. You use the call as-is. 
  • Our API product is for developers. You can embed video chat in your own site or app, and programmatically control them. 

To reiterate: You can have up to 50 (200 for paid API plans) people join your meeting links. Yet, because of how browsers work, and the realities of real-world networks, you do not want to have all of those cameras on at once!

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