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Ways to build video calls with Daily
Ways to build video calls with Daily

Prebuilt UI or a custom interface — find the right fit for your app

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There are a few ways to jump in with Daily today: experiment in the dashboard to get to know Daily’s feature set, embed Daily Prebuilt, use the REST API server-side to create and manage rooms, or build a custom layout with Daily call object.

The dashboard lets you instantly create, configure, and test a Daily room URL. Jump to the guide.

Daily Prebuilt makes it possible to embed a working video chat widget into a website or app. Jump to the guide.

The Daily REST API allows you to programmatically manage rooms and room access from your server application. Jump to the guide.

A custom interface is built on top of Daily call object, which gives you fine grained control over call primitives like audio and video tracks, so you can build a custom video chat interface. Jump to the guide.

Continue reading about the advantages of each approach here.

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