How billing works 

  • Billing is done online, with automatic recurring monthly invoicing. (We use Stripe.)

  • When you upgrade, the credit card you provide is billed for your plan price at the time of purchase.

  • Your credit card on file is invoiced automatically once per month on the same day of the month that you signed up.

  • You are billed for your subscription plan and for any additional minutes (above those included in your plan) you used from the prior month.

Volume pricing

We're glad to discuss volume pricing; the discounts require minimum monthly usage. You can fill out this form, and a customer teammate here at Daily will follow up.

How to upgrade or cancel

How cancellation works

  • When you cancel your plan, you are downgraded to a free plan and all of your API rooms and recordings are deleted.

  • Your cancellation is effective immediately. Changes to your account take place once you cancel and cannot be undone.

  • If you owe money at the time of cancellation, you will be notified of the outstanding amount prior to canceling. An account can have a debit balance due to participant-minutes usage above the amount included in your plan.

  • If your account has a credit, your Daily account will be credited with the prorated amount according to your plan and days remaining in the billing cycle. You will be notified of this amount prior to canceling.

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