Billing and invoices

Learn about plan upgrades and cancellations, billing, and volume pricing

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How billing works 

  • Billing is done online, with automatic recurring monthly invoicing. We use Stripe.

  • When you upgrade, the credit card you provide is billed for your usage and any subscriptions applied at the end of each month. You can see all the details including a pricing calculator to help you estimate your usage and costs as well as a full FAQ at

  • Your credit card on file will be invoiced at the end of each month.

  • You are billed for your product usage (video, audio, recording, storage, and live streaming) along with any add-on that you may be subscribed to for the past billing period.

Volume pricing

We apply automatic graduated volume discounts based on your usage. As you use additional minutes, your rate will decrease. For a full breakdown of usage tiers and their associated rates, please visit our pricing FAQ at

How to upgrade or cancel

How cancellation works

  • When you cancel your plan, you are downgraded to a free plan and all of your API rooms and recordings are deleted.

  • Your cancellation is effective immediately. Changes to your account take place once you cancel and cannot be undone.

  • If you owe money at the time of cancellation, you will be notified of the outstanding amount prior to canceling. An account can have a debit balance due to participant-minutes usage above the amount included in your plan.

  • If your account has a credit, your Daily account will be credited with the prorated amount according to your plan and days remaining in the billing cycle. You will be notified of this amount prior to canceling.

  • If you wish to delete your account after canceling, please reach out to us through

Thank you! Contact us with any questions.

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