Improve your own users' call quality

Thanks for using our video chat API.  Below is material for your own help pages, and user support. You're welcome to copy and paste any material you find on this page, or anywhere in the help center. 

  • While our API optimizes for call quality, the calls also depend on your users' devices, browsers, and networks!
  • You can provide onboarding and support tips to your users, to help their browsers support video calls.
  • Please don't point your users to our help center. We cannot help your users directly. Put this material into your own platform.
  • We put a lot of info on this one page. Certainly, break it up into different pages, as best serves your users. 
  • We are really happy to sync further. Email Tell us your use case and any details. We are glad to get on a call with you.

🔥 COVID-19 

Please keep in mind that ISPs are dealing with a lot of Internet traffic. Read the New York Times story here. The below tips can help make sure you're set up for your video chat.  

How to join calls 

1. Just click to join your call. 

  • On computer, Chrome is recommended. (You also can use Safari or Firefox.)
  • On iOS (like iPhone or iPad), you must use Safari. On Android, use Chrome. 

2. Click ALLOW when your browser (for privacy reasons) asks to access your camera and mic.

Use a supported browser

Improve your calls 

Your video call works in your browser.  Here are quick tips, to make sure your browser is happy and ready for the video chat. 

  1.  If your connection isn't great, mute your cam. Video takes up a lot of bandwidth. Muting preserves the audio.
  2.  Having issues? Your browser might need a refresh. Reload your tab, or restart your browser.
  3.  In large calls, only have 6 cams on at a given time. (This helps older devices on poor networks, which struggle with streaming too many video feeds at one time.)
  4.  Is your camera/mic blocked? Get unblock help here.
  5. Need help during your call? See 5 tips that solve 99% of issues. 

Google browser test page

  1. Here's a test page from Google. It checks if your browser is ready for video calls,
  2. Test your network here!  If it warns about packet loss, restart your computer (to be safe.)

More information  

Your browser is like any program. If you haven't restarted it in a while, it gets overloaded. For example: 

  • Too many tabs open 
  • Never restarted your browser 

Restart your browser — this can help your browser and operating system work more smoothly. Or at least close some tabs ;-) 

If you find your computer is struggling, reboot. That can reset the connection between your browser and OS, for example.  

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