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Creating and viewing rooms
Creating and viewing rooms

How to create and list rooms in your dashboard

Written by Varun Singh
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  • A room is the video calling meeting link.

  • You can create rooms in the dashboard, or programmatically via the API

  • The “Rooms” tab provides access to view the rooms in use in your domain

  • The list of rooms is sorted by creation date, in reverse-chronological order

How to create a room in the dashboard

  1. Click the Rooms tab in the left rail

  2. Click the green Create Room button in the top-right corner

Default room settings

  • By default, rooms will be public with cameras and microphones enabled.

  • No join page will be displayed

  • If you did not enter a name, a randomly-generated string will be assigned.

Advanced room settings

You can configure advanced room settings in your dashboard menu. These include properties like:

  • Room expiration

  • Owner-only broadcast mode

  • These are advanced settings. Please see the developer documentation to learn more.

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