When you sign up for your account, you'll create a subdomain.

  • Your video call links are on a custom subdomain

  • Like https://you.daily.co/standup - you is the subdomain, and standup is the name of the specific room


  • Your subdomain is your top-level object. Go to our docs to learn more about domain configuration.

Change your subdomain

One subdomain per Daily account

  • You create one subdomain when you sign up. For now, each Daily account (each email login) can create their own subdomain.

Admins & teammates

  • The person who creates the subdomain is the admin. The admin can invite teammates to the subdomain.

  • To add other people to your Daily subdomain, go to the Settings tab in the dashboard and click Add member. This will generate a link that you can share with people you'd like to invite.

  • To change the permission level for your teammates, click and click Change role...

Note: all admins in a team can see the subdomain's API key, access recordings, and change billing information.

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