Thank you again to all our TV customers. The service ends October 2020.

  • To learn more about the end of service, please read the blog post Ending our TV Service.

  • You can use the service free through October 2020. It is important you follow the instructions below, to get free service.


You have free service through October 2020. Read the blog post.

Always-on TV customers

If you have an always-on TV system, here is how to use it:

  1. Billing: use a custom subdomain as your portal link. If you haven't already, you must notify us of that subdomain, so we can make sure you are not billed! Fill out this form.

  2. Autojoin sequence: as long as you are using a custom subdomain you've filled out this form for, how your always-on box works does not change.

If you're creating links via your TV, you can continue as before. Links created via your TV:

  1. Will show the join page (so you can join the link on your TV)

  2. Usage with these TV-generated links is automatically free

You need to use the following process, in order to get free links that you can use on a TV

  1. You need to tell us your custom subdomain, so we do make sure you have free access. Fill out this form.

  2. You need to configure your room links to show the join page. By default, dashboard links do not show the join page. Here's how to create and configure rooms to show the join page:

  • Again, make sure you're using a custom subdomain you registered with us

  • To create a room, click Rooms

  • Click Create Room green button

  • Once you've created the link, scroll down to Advanced.

  • For this room link you created turn off autojoin. (Again, this is in Rooms > Advanced)

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