Room owners can record a meeting if a room has recording enabled.

  • Local recording saves the finished recording as a .webm file on the user's computer.

  • Cloud recording uploads the file to your account while a meeting is in progress and requires additional upstream bandwidth.

Learn more about enabling recording for a room here: Enabling recording for a room

How to record a call

Starting a recording

  • In a video call, click the Record button in the bottom left.

  • You'll see a notification that your recording is starting after a 5-second countdown.

  • Other participants in your meeting will be notified that a recording is starting, and a banner will indicate a recording is in progress.

Stopping a recording

  • Click the Stop Recording button in the banner at the bottom of your screen.

  • For local recordings, this immediately stops your recording and downloads the recording to your computer.

  • For cloud recordings, this stops the recording and finishes the upload process.

Caution: Closing the browser without stopping a recording may result in an incomplete recording!

The recording is saved as a .webm file. To play this file, you may need to transcode it. Learn more about transcoding here: How to transcode a .webm file

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