Are you seeing that you have poor or bad packet loss? 

  • If it's affecting your call:  Reboot 
  • Packet loss is different from your speed test or download speed. Packet loss reflects UDP data, which is the data transmitted when you stream live media.  
  • When live media streaming is involved, network issues often have an OS-level root cause. That's why, if you're having issues, rebooting often can be the smart thing to try. 

Video calls need a good connection — in a few ways. Because a video call streams live media, having a fast "speed test" is not enough. 

Traditional speed tests look only at TCP data, like for downloads. For example, a speed test might give you a good sense how quickly you can down a file someone sends you. 

In contrast, video calls are UPD live media streaming. There's no buffering. 

  • When you're watching Netflix, for example, you're not streaming live media. Your device can buffer the content you're downloading. You can't do this with a video call — no chance to buffer, because you're streaming the call live.   

It's not unusual for a user to have a great network, but experience packet loss on a call. Network congestion, firewall barriers, or older or affected hardware (like a router that needs rebooting) can play a role.


Our packet loss indicator is a new part of our video call menu. Please check back here soon, for more information. We'll shortly be adding a more technical discussion of the difference between UDP and TCP data. 

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