Session data retention

Retention periods for logs and metrics

Written by Varun Singh
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Session data is collected for all Daily calls with two or more participants. Session data contains event logs and call metrics that can be used to better understand call quality or troubleshoot an issue that occurred during a call.

Session data is retained for a period of time, depending on your domain's plan:

  • Free: 1 day

  • Pay-as-you-go: 3 days

  • Advanced Support: 14 days

  • Premium Support: 21 days

  • Enterprise: 30 days

The retention period is measured using the timestamp of the first event logged from the session. Data older than the retention period for your current subscription cannot be viewed or accessed using the dashboard or API.

If an add-on is activated that has a longer data retention period, it will unlock session data retroactively.

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