With a Daily.co TV system, you can join calls on a TV, with quick clicks. 

  • Section 1.0  You already have a meeting link
  • Section 2.0  Ask the TV to create a fast link 

1.0 You already have a meeting link 

It doesn't matter if your TV is in another meeting, like an always-on link. With the below steps, you are telling the TV to leave one meeting, and join your new one: 

  1. On a computer or phone, click your Daily.co meeting link. You can create links in your dashboard, Slack, Google Calendar, or Intercom
  2.  You'll see our join page
  3. Click Control a Daily.co TV, the purple button
  4. Enter the TV screen code. It's the 6-letter code up on your TV, in the bottom right

On the join page, click the purple TV button

Up on your TV, in the lower right, is a 6-letter screen code. 

If the TV is not already in a call, you see this.
Screen code, bottom R

If your TV is already in a call – if someone left it in a call  – your screen code in the lower right looks like:

Enter that TV screen code in your Chrome tab:

Done. Your TV will say Connecting to your meeting. Your call will be on your screen in a few seconds.


2.0 Ask the TV to create a meeting link 

You can walk up to the TV and it can create a link for you, on the fly. 

  1. In Chrome, go to https://tv.daily.co
  2. Enter the screen code that's up on your TV. It's the 6-letters, in the bottom right. 
  3. You'll see the controller page. Click Start a video call. (Heads up: you might have to click leave the call if the TV is already in a call.)

The TV creates a link, and puts you in it. You can click Copy link info, to share your meeting details. Screen shots:

You'll see this, at https://tv.daily.co:

Your TV shows a screen code. It's 6-letters in the bottom right. 

If your TV isn't in a call, here's what it looks like. 

If your TV is in a call, or always on, your screen code also is in the bottom right, like this:

Enter that screen code at tv.daily.co. Like this: 

Now, on your computer, you'll see a page that lets you control the TV. 

  • Click Start a video call. Top pic below 
  • Or, if your TV already is in a portal, or a video call, tell it to leave its current call. And then click Start a video call. 

The TV automatically creates a link, and joins it. You then can click Copy meeting info, to get details to share with other guests. 

👉 ALWAYS-ON CUSTOMERS - remember to click Leave call, when you're done! You don't have to do anything else. Once you exit, your box loads the portal again. 

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