👉 Important update

Our Daily.co TV service is ending October 31, 2020. All billing has been suspended.

Our Daily.co team is now focused on our API, to help developers build new video calling apps. Please read the blog post to learn more! Thank you, to all our TV customers.


Daily.co TV sets up in minutes. This guide is in your package: 

Heads up - do not plug in the power cord first. Plug in the cam and speaker first. (Don't worry if you powered on the device first. Just reboot.)

Set Up Guide text 

  1. Connect the device to your TV, with the blue cable (HDMI).
    Want a 2-TV display? Ping us, so we can send you the cable. 

  2. Connect both the speaker/mic and camera to your box (USB). In the package, there's a yellow extension cable, for extra length.  

  3. Ethernet! Plug the box into Ethernet, with the Ethernet cable. We do not recommend Wifi. 

  4. Plug in power. The box boots automatically. 

  5. Turn on your TV. Make sure you're on the right HDMI! 


Next steps 

  • Always-on boxes boot right into their video conferencing portal. Learn about always-on.  

  • If your TV is not always-on, you should see the below image.

We're glad to help. During Pacific business hours, you often can reach us quickly via website chat. Just click the chat button, bottom right on any Daily.co page. Or email help@daily.co. Thank you!


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