With Daily.co, two people can share their screen on the TV at the same time. One person can share their screen and when a second person screen shares, both screens will show up side-by-side on the TV (if you have a single TV setup). 

Single TV setup:

You have the option to zoom in on one or both screen shares by clicking on the Zoom button in the controller UI.

For a two TV setup, both screen shares will appear on the separate TVs.

Two TV layout.


  • You need to be using Chrome to screen share.
  • You can only screen share from a computer. Screen sharing does not work from your phone. 
  • Two people can be in the same room to screen share. The second person needs to go to tv.daily.co  enter the screen code, and click on the screen share button.
  • If a third person tries to screen share, the first person's screen will stop being displayed and the third person's screen will appear.

Need more help? Email help@daily.co anytime. Chat with us M–F, 9am–5pm PST.

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