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Our Daily.co TV service is ending October 31, 2020. All billing has been suspended.

Our Daily.co team is now focused on our API, to help developers build new video calling apps. Please read the blog post to learn more! Thank you, to all our TV customers.


You can use your computer or smartphone to control your Daily.co TV. There's no separate remote to keep track of 😉

Instead, any person in the room can turn a computer or phone into the remote control for the Daily.co TV.  

  • Heads up:  the TV screen code is not the meeting link 

  • 1.0 What the screen code looks like 

  • 2.0 How to use the screen code 

  • 3.0 Purpose, exceptions and more 

1.0 What the screen code looks like  

In general, the screen code is ALL CAP 6-letter code. It's in the lower right of a Daily.co TV screen — assuming it's plugged in and online. 

If your TV isn't in a meeting or wireless presentation, you'll see something like the below. Instead of the bridge, you might see your company logo. 

Below, the screen code is XKZ IFT 

If your TV is in a meeting, or always-on stream, again, you'll see the screen code in the lower right:

2.0 How to use the screen code 

  1. On your computer/phone, go to tv.daily.co 

  2. Enter the 6-letter code in the lower right. You now control the TV

When you put the TV screen code into your computer or phone, you've "paired" your device with the TV. You now control the TV. 

On your computer, you'll see our controller page. It lets you start a call or screen share. Or, as in the second image, control a call you're in. 

3.0 Purpose, exceptions and more 

The purpose of the screen code is security. It's like a lock on your physical TV screen. Only people in your room, who can see the TV screen, can know the code. This means you control what's put on your screen. 

The screen code changes any time the HDMI is reset. For example, whenever you reboot your system, the screen code changes. 

  • Always-on customers can customize their portals, so the TV does not show a screen code. This means teammates can't take the TV out of the portal! Contact us for more info. 


Need more help? Email help@daily.co anytime. Chat with us M–F, 9am–5pm PST.

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