Our goal is to make video conferencing as simple as possible. That includes straightforward pricing for our 3 products:

  • Daily.co basic browser calls are free
  • Daily.co TV dedicated hardware is $600/system, plus $50 monthly service 
  • Daily.co API has a free tier, and upgraded plans starting at $49/month

1.0 Daily.co: free, unlimited 1-click browser calls

Our basic browser calls are our free calls available to anyone, anywhere. 

  • Use it in a browser on a computer or phone
  • No seat fees, so you scale with no hassle
  • 3-hr meeting time limit. Learn more at https://daily.co 

2.0 Daily.co TV:  Our hardware & always-on pricing 

Daily.co TV is a dedicated hardware system for always on, 1-click video calls and wireless presentations on a TV. It's all the equipment you need to set up – device, cam, speaker/mic and cables. 

To order a Daily.co TV system, you pay a hardware purchase fee, a recurring service fee, and shipping. 

  1. One-time hardware purchase. You pay a one-time, non-refundable hardware fee: $600 for each Daily.co TV system. If you'd prefer to purchase only the device, it's $500/box. (You own the hardware.) Taxes apply for systems shipped to California. 
  2. Service fee. Either $50 monthly or $550 annual. Monthly service is cancel anytime. 
  3. Shipping. $15-$25/system for continental U.S. Please contact us from an estimate to ship to Alaska/Hawaii or outside the U.S.  


  • 60-day No Risk Refund. Return your complete undamaged hardware, and we refund all charges excluding shipping. (Please note customers cover all shipping costs.)
  • Cancel monthly service any time. We're sorry to see you go, but no problem. We have no interest in locking you in. 
  • Hardware return after 60 days. We guarantee return refunds within 60 days. After 60 days, the device is a NUC you can repurpose. You also can contact us if you're interested in returning the hardware for a partial refund. (Systems must be complete and undamaged, as determined by us. Thanks for understanding we can't accept broken or damaged hardware.) 
  • Free software. By the way, your Daily.co TV service of course includes the free computer meetings. That means you can use Daily.co anywhere on the go (on a computer). And you can send anyone in the world a link to join you. (They don't need to be a Daily.co user, or be in your company.)

A. Sample pricing for 2 TV systems (U.S.)

Let's say you want to buy 2 systems, one each for your 2 conference rooms.

  • Hardware fee is $1220. That's $600/system, plus US shipping. 
  • Your monthly fee is $100. That's $50/system x 2. 
  • If you cancel in 60 days, once you return your undamaged Daily.co hardware kits, we'll refund your charges. 
  • After 60 days, you still can cancel the monthly service anytime.

3.0 API 

How can we help further? Email help@daily.co.  Or click the chat button to get us during GMT -7 business hours.  Thank you!

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