Your always-on TV boxes may have been put into other meetings.

First, here are easy fixes, to get back to your video portal: 


  • Reboot your box. (Just unplug your cord, wait 2 seconds, & plug it in.) 
  • You'll see your box boot up. Then, you'll see the TV screen load. 
  • Don't do anything.
  • Whenever your TV reconnects, after a 30 second countdown, your TV automatically joins the meeting.
  • 30 second countdown: you'll see the 30 second countdown banner at the top of your TV screen.

NO REBOOT FIX (involves typing)

  • Go to on a browser & pair it with the TV.
  • Click Exit meeting in your browser.
  • You'll then see the 30 second countdown. 
  • Don't click Start a new meeting in your browser window.
  • After 30 seconds, your box automatically joins the portal.

How & why your box get out of its portal 

One bonus of TV always-on is you actually can use your device for other video conferencing meetings.

To start a different meeting with your always-on box, during your 30 second countdown, you can click Start a new meeting. This puts the box into a new meeting other than your always-on.   

If you just always want to stay in always-on, don't click Start a new meeting. Don't use a browser to control your TV.

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