To invite someone, copy and share your meeting link. 

A personalized meeting link looks like this:

An instant link looks like this:

Find you link In a call

  • You can find your link in the address bar of your browser. It's just at the top of your Chrome window.
  • Or just click the green Invite button in the bottom bar.

From your dashboard

Your dashboard shows all your meeting links

To copy just the meeting link: 

  • Click the copy link to invite, shown right under the meeting link. 
  • This doesn't copy dial-in. It's just the meeting link, so you can paste the link quickly into Chrome 

To copy the full link info, including dial-in:

  • Click on the triple dots, to the far right of a meeting link
  • Another option: just jover over the room link bar. Settings & Upgrade pop up, to the far right. Click Settings & Upgrades
  • Click the green Copy info to clipboard button 
  • The meeting info is on your clipboard. Paste into any invite. 

  • To join, your guest just opens the link in Chrome. No downloads.
  • Remember, you can make your room public, locked, or team-only. If your room is locked, keep in mind your guests must knock. You'll have to approve their entry.

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