Your TV can connect to a WiFi network.  

Warning: our data strongly suggests that most Wifi isn't great for video calling. We've seen this repeatedly, even on great networks!

As a backup, in case of necessity, here's how to use Wifi.  Again, please use Ethernet if you can.

Wifi setup

  • During the setup process, go to on your phone or laptop
  • Enter in the network name and password (it's case and space sensitive) 
  • Hold the QR code up to the camera. It should connect to the network unless you typed in the network name or password incorrectly.

If you notice that your TV's video feed often gets muted, it's because your network bandwidth drops below a minimum threshold of 100 kb/s. 

If that's the case, you might consider installing a WiFi hotspot that you connect your TV to directly. We really like Eero and have installed Eero hotspots at our office.

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