Daily.co is no download, no login 1-click video calls in Intercom. Our Daily.co Intercom app is free, and no account, login or download is needed to join calls. Upgrade for automatic recording, custom subdomain links, and call thread notifications. 

1.0  Quick basics
2.0  How to add a video call to a Messenger chat, quickly  

3.0  Change link & call display settings
4.0  Upgrade options - automatic recording and custom subdomain links
5.0  FAQ & who we are 

1.0 Quick basics 

  • Daily.co calls work on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, iOS Safari, and Android Chrome. Edge is also supported for 1:1 calls. IE is not supported, per Microsoft. Learn more about browser support.
  • Neither you nor the customer needs to sign up, or download, anything. 
  • You, the agent, will join the video call in a browser tab (not in Messenger).
  • You, the agent, controls where the customer opens the video call link – in Messenger, or in a browser tab.   
  • Customers on Safari and mobile only can join the call only in a browser tab. (Don't worry - we do a browser check for you.) 
  • Use Chrome to record or screen share. To clarify, your customer doesn't need to use Chrome to see your screen share or be recorded. But if you want them to screen share, configure the call to open in a browser, and tell them to use Chrome. 
  • If you are using free local recording, you also need to be logged into Daily.co, so you can get your file. If you have the Automatic Recording upgrade, then you do not need to be logged in. (It happens behind the scenes.)

👋   2.0 How to start a video call in Intercom Messenger  👋

1. If you haven't already, install the Daily.co app from the Intercom app store

2. Now in a chat, click the Daily.co app icon

3.  The below card pops up. 

  • It automatically has a new, unique video call link. 
  • Scroll down, to change the link. (For more help on that, go to next section.)
  • Scroll down, to change if the call opens for the customer inside Intercom or in a browser instead. (For more help on that, go to next section.) 

4.  CLICK OK, LET's GO blue button 

5.  A yellow box pops up, to help you prepare. Click the JOIN THIS CALL blue link. 

This way, you'll join the call before the customer does!   

6.  You'll also see a draft of the customer invite. 

  • When you're ready, Click the blue SEND button. 
  • The customer can't click to join until you send this card. 
  • Make sure you've already joined the video call.  

6.  Your customer now sees the below. They have to do 2 things: 

  1. Customer has to click the blue JOIN CALL button
  2. Make sure your customer clicks ALLOW, to allow camera permissions for the video call.

💥 Done! You and the customer both are in the call.


3.0 Change call display & link settings 

👉 Change where the customer sees the video call  

  • Before you send the video call link to the customer, in the settings card, scroll down to Change where the call appears. You can set the call to open in a browser tab, or (if the customer is not on Safari or mobile) inside Messenger 

🔃 Get a new call link, free vs branded 

  • Free - In the Settings card, scroll down to Change link. Click the Change link button. 
  • Upgrade - Contact us, to have the app automatically create a custom subdomain link.


4.0 Upgrades for power sales and support 

  • Auto-record. You can automatically record every video chat that you start in an Intercom Messenger conversation. Contact us. 
  • Notify when customer joins, with a note. When a user joins a call, you can customize the app so a note is posted to the Intercom thread. 
  • Auto-custom links. Whenever an agent creates a call, the app can auto-generate a link on your custom domain. (In the free version, only an instant link is generated automatically.)


5.0 Help 

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